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The Case of Migration in Turkey and Its Reflection in Turkish Cinema: Migration Movies

Migration, which has been one of the main actions of people since the first ages, has continued in modern times and has affected the whole world. In addition to its socio-economic cultural effects, the migration movement has also been the subject of literature, folk songs and films. Turkish Cinema has also made the films about the hopes and frustrations of immigration. However, the reflections of migration in Turkish Cinema and in this way the perception of migration in Turkish society have not been analyzed much. This study evaluates the reflection of the migration movement on the cinema and the perception of migration in the thought of Turkish society through certain films. In the study, which also deals with immigrant psychology and behaviors, the effects of cinema as a rational problem solver are analyzed, and the contribution of films to healing and adaptation and integration is emphasized. The effects of films on immigration and immigrants on immigrants are evaluated, and the effects of films that lead immigrants to adaptation and integration are emphasized. In the study, in which the structure of cinema as a means of influence is also mentioned, the effects of cinema on immigrants as a tool of urbanization and its contributions to the adaptation and integration of immigrants are explained. Migration, one of the biggest global problems of the last century, affects all local and national governments, complicates the work and compels them to produce solutions and tools. Because migration changes political, economic, social and cultural structures and often leaves negative effects. Correcting the psychological trauma of immigrants and contributing to the adaptation and integration processes of immigrants require professional approaches. Migration in Turkish Cinema has also been a frequently discussed subject in the 1960s and 70s, when migration from rural to urban areas intensified. Migration from Anatolian provinces to Istanbul or other big cities, the problems encountered, the shocks experienced and the country image evaluated in this context also provide clues for scientific studies. In this study, Turkish society's view of immigration, interpretation of immigration and dreams of immigration are discussed through some films with the theme of immigration in Turkish Cinema.

Migration, cinema, migration movies, adaptation, integration


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