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In today’s improving and ever-changing conditions, music has become an element which almost everybody in the society encounters, benefits from, and sometimes seeks solutions for their problems with. Music including basic types different from each other as well as the subtypes of these basic types has assumed either progressive or supportive or definitive roles in the social life. When the notion of music is considered within the social context, it emerges as a distinct artistic field which fulfils important functions. Each society has a distinct musical form and, in relation to this, a style of expressing themselves in music. Music has drastically lost its specific character as a special branch of art with the industrial reproduction methods. One of the most important elements of culture is music. Nowadays music has lost its position in the hands of genuine artists and become a simple popular culture product which is guided by the entertainment industry. When we consider music in the context of its relationship with popular culture - that is, of its association with the present characteristics of popular culture – it is observed to have become an element of entertainment and pleasure for individuals. Thus, in this study, first the notions of culture and popular culture are examined and then the critical points of view between the notions of popular culture and music are presented.

Music, Popular Culture, Culture


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