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The most common and attractive tools of high technology developing in the modern age are social media within the scope of information and communication tools. Social media, which entered the lives of people at the beginning of the 1970s, has turned into tools used first for communication and then for all kinds of sharing. In this context, besides well-meaning people, people who are malicious and prone to crime also benefited from social media. While social media sometimes included direct criminal elements itself, sometimes it included factors that led people to crime. Some criminals stated in their testimony that they committed murder after being influenced by social media or joined a terrorist organization through social media. In general, it has been discussed whether the media, but in recent years, social media causes crime, leads people to crime, and whether there are criminal elements in social media. It is known that social media, which is used by a large mass in the world, is used as a tool for illegal activities from time to time, and illegal or immoral posts are made. In this study, the fact that social media is the most widely used social media in the world in the modern age is considered as a problem, the structure of social media is evaluated and its relationship with crime is explained. In the police records, in addition to the crimes committed through social media, there are also criminals who confess to committing crimes by being influenced by social media. Cybercrime units have been established in many countries due to social media crimes. The widespread and strong influence of social media enables it to be used easily by people who are prone to crime. There are findings that social media, which is mostly used for personal sharing, communication and participation in social media, sometimes mediates crime.

Social Media, Crime, İmpact, Security, Technology.


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